Manage Your Time Off in Workday

If the Time Off worklet is not on your Home page, you should use another method to request time off. Your manager can guide you on your local policies. To View your Time Off Balances without the Worklet, navigate to Your Profile, and click on the Time Off tab. Time_Off.png

View Time Off Balances

From the Time Off worklet:

  1. Click the Time Off Balance button under the View The Time Off Balance task displays with today’s date in the As Of field by default.
  2. Click OK to view your balance as of today’s date.


To view past or future balances, change this date. Workday will re-calculate based on how you accrue time off.

  1. Balances are tracked in hours. Click any of the numbers showing in blue to view more details on that balance or deduction.

Submit Time Off Requests

From the Time Off worklet: 

  1. Click Time Off under Request.
  2. Select the day(s) you wish to take time off. Click on a selected day to deselect it. You can select days in the past, present or future.
  1. Click Request Time Off. The number of days you requested displays on the button to help confirm your request.
  2. Enter the Type of time off requested.
  3. Enter the number of hours requested per day in the Daily Quantity
  1. Click Submit.

You will receive an e-mail notification when your time off is approved by your manager.

Cancel or Modify a Submitted Time Off Request

Submitted requests that have not been approved can be canceled.  Once they are approved by your manager, you can correct the request or delete all or parts of it.

From the Time Off worklet:

  1. Click Time Off Correction under Request.
  2. If your Time Off is not yet approved, simply click on the requested days in the calendar, and click “Cancel this Request” in the pop up window.
  3. If your Time Off is approved, click on the approved time off request on the calendar to either modify your request or delete it:
    • To Modify: In the pop-up window, select the day(s) you want to correct by checking the box on the left. Below the table, change the Type or Daily Quantities.
    • To Delete: Click on the (-) on the left to remove one or multiple days completely. Enter Comment.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Your Manager will receive an approval e-mail for any changes made.


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