Manage Personal Information in Workday


The Personal Information worklet allows you to change your Contact InformationPersonal InformationLicensesPhoto, and Preferred Name.

Click on the Personal Information worklet.

In the View section, you can access your complete profile under About Me, or view specific sections of your profile separately.

Exclamation.png You can also access Your Profile by clicking on the "cloud" or picture at the top right of the screen (where your Inbox is), then View Profile. Most changes can be done directly from your profile.

Add or Change Your Contact Information

  1. Click the Contact Information button in the worklet.
  2. Click Edit to enter or modify any information.
  3. Click Submit.

Add or Change Emergency Contact

  1. Click the Emergency Contact button in the worklet.
  2. Click Add or Edit to enter or modify your emergency contacts.
  3. Click Submit.

Modify Your Personal Information

  1. Click the Personal Information button in the worklet.
  2. Click the Edit icon to change existing information, or the Add button to add new information. You can also click in a field to edit.
  3. Click Submit.
Exclamation.png To modify your Benefits, navigate to Health Benefits on myTGHR, or call 1-844-303-TGHR (8447) and select the Benefits option. To make a Legal Name change, please also contact myTGHR.

Change Your Preferred Name

  1. Click the Preferred Name button in the worklet. Please note that Preferred Name will display on the Workday screens, but will not be the name sent to payroll, benefits, expenses, travel agencies, or other providers outside of Workday.
  2. Unselect the "Use Legal Name" box.
  3. Enter your new information, including any required information.
  4. Click Submit. Note: Your Manager must approve the change before it is effective.
  5. Click Done.

Add or Modify Your Licenses

  1. Click on your Personal Information worklet from your Workday homepage.
  2. Click the Licenses button in the worklet.
  3. You can edit your driver's license, for example, if the Issued by Country Region is missing you will want to add the state your license is issued through.
  4. You can also edit other technical licenses on your profile (pest control, ornamental, etc.). Use the [PLUS] sign to add Driver or Technical licenses to your profile.
  5. Click Submit once you have updated all your information to properly update Workday.
  • You are only authorized to modify:
    • License ID Type
    • Issued by Country / Country Region / Authority
    • Identification #
    • Issued Date
    • Expiration Date
  • Attempting to modify Class or selecting Set Verification to Current User will cause an error and you will have to put a ticket in with myTGHR or call 1-844-313-TGHR (8447)

Add or Change Your Photo

  1. Click the Photo button in the worklet.
  2. Drop a file or click Select files to locate, crop, and upload your image. You can adjust the image by dragging the white corners to the desired specifications.
  3. Click OKSubmit. Your Manager must approve the change before it is effective.

View Transaction History from Your Profile

Navigate to View Profile from Your Profile icon, top right of your screen to view your transaction history in Workday.

  1. Click the Job tab.
  2. Click the Worker History link. Your business process history displays.
  3. Click View Worker History by Category. The data is organized into different tabs to make it easier for you to review your history, including the last tab "Staffing & Compensation from Prior System" that includes all transactions since 2013.

Worker Documents

This section allows you to View documents associated with Your Profile, such as the onboarding document you acknowledged in Workday. You can also Add documents to your personal file. Please note that these documents will be visible to your manager, management chain, and HR.

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